I am delighted and honored to introduce you to the Extreme Commerce College (ECC) community, and welcome you to our flagship campus in Karachi – your home for personal and professional success!

ECC offers you and your family a realistic sample of what “Learn & Earn” life looks like on campus, incubation, and within the fastest growing e-commerce society.  ECC study and practice complements both your personal and professional journey to world-class opportunities endorsed with accredited, British qualifications.

I hope during your time here that you will get to know our rich network of luminaries, subject experts, intermediaries, and professional practitioners in the dynamic world of e-commerce. You are duly encouraged to avail numerous opportunities to build meaningful relationships and synergies with your peers on and off campus.

Our faculty and staff are duly committed to make you an exemplary scholar and contributor to the Extreme Commerce College’s status as a premium transnational institution.  

As you embark on your life at ECC, your responsibility to the people who have supported you is essential to your success here and beyond; as is your responsibility to both your programme and your fellow students (cohort). Foremost, our lead Mentor and Patron: Sunny Ali, expects nothing short of this from you. Please also remember your responsibility to take care of yourself – – your good health and clear thinking that will help make your experience successful, lasting, and satisfying.

At ECC, you will enjoy the privilege of making new ideas and innovations work with friends from across the globe, and of participating in a holistic “21st Century” education to help you embark on a life of stress-free experience, scalable growth and service impact.

So, get ready for a remarkable journey; you are joining a group of more than 800,000 extraordinary people from around the world who are becoming the leaders and change makers in their communities, organizations, and in the lives of dependents.

Together, we share the joint commitment to enhanced skills learning, individual empowerment, inclusiveness, future-readiness and boundless mobility as principles that support the academic and experiential education that you will experience here.

I have every confidence you too will become, in your own way, a force for significant learning, sharing, stability and sustainability.

Welcome, and best wishes for a challenging and fulfilling programme ahead.