At ECC, we understand that as a parent, guardian or someone with caring responsibilities, you will find yourself as one of the most important and trusted sources of information and advice for your child. Deciding to choose an academic route is a big step in their journey towards their future life. While it is a exciting choice to make for both the student and their guardians, we understand that it can also be challenging. 

ECC has a variety of ways to support students, parents and guardians at every point in their academic journey with us, from initial applications to academics and international progressions, to making the most of their time while studying with us whether they study on-campus or online.

Why should your child study at ECC?

Choosing the right higher education pathway is a big decision and can be a life-changing experience. With so many options available you may be questioning what pathway can you help your child select for higher education.

Here are five reasons why joining ECC may be the right option for your child:

Competition in the job market is tough and an internationally recognised qualification will give your child the best possible start to their career. Not only are the options open once they graduate, but they are likely to progress much quicker in their chosen career than a non-graduate. There are also opportunities to undertake work placements and internships while they are studying.

At ECC, not only do we believe in providing academic knowledge to the students to stay ahead of the curve, but we also ensure that every student is also exposed to realising their earning potential by learning ecommerce skills by expert Extreme Commerce trainers; empowering to be financially independent within their very first year with ECC.

Our recognised British qualifications and a team comprising the best of Pakistani and British faculty allow students to develop skills such as communication, organisation, time management, team-work, leadership, presentation and problem-solving alongside their studies.

It is important in today’s world to build lasting personal and professional networks to stay connected and informed about the latest developments in any area or profession. With an aim of creating future digital and ecommerce entrepreneurs, ECC provides a learning ground for your child to connect with the mentors and peers within the industry to help accelerate their career whether they study on campus or online.

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